Policysasti.com is a Insurance Comparison Website in Pakistan perfect to help you find the best deals and insurance companies in the market. We work for you, so you get the policy that best suits what you're looking for, and we offer free callback and online counseling. Our policy is based on:

  •  Savings: We include all discounts budgets of companies.
  •  Transparency: We calculate budgets impartially and without adding any commission.
  •  Privacy: We fully respect the Privacy Policy and your personal information.
  •  Innovation: We improve our website for you every day faster and easier for you.

What advantages does a Comparison insurance?

comparison insurance online is a very useful tool when looking for a cheap insurance and compare it with another company . Thus, our users have the option to view all the options available in the market before deciding to hire insurance. And that comparison is the best way to save the most and find cheap insurance while choose the policy that best suits our needs and demands .

What is the best selling insurance?

On the mandatory car insurance is the best selling type of insurance for most companies. In fact, Policysasti.com born as a comparison online insurance, it is of great help to users when deciding which insurer is best suited to the wide range in the market. Moreover, the advantage of car insurance comparison is that it is free to the user, like all Health insurance companies recommend Policysasti.com.

PolicySasti.com helps you compare Financial Products like Life Insurance and General Insurance. To enable easy and sensible comparison, we have tied up with most of the Financial Institutions disbursing and selling Insurance in Pakistan. PolicySasti helps you get free insurance quotes and you can compare plans based on price features; we help you select the most suitable plan for your needs. PolicySasti is your one stop platform for comparing Loans and Insurance in Pakistan.

Insurance can be divided into two categories of Life and General Insurance. In Life Insurance you can compare Term Insurance, Pension Plans or Retirement Plans, Child Plans and Investment Plans; both Endowment and Unit Linked Plans. In General Insurance you can compare Health Insurance or Mediclaim Plans, Car Insurance, 2 Wheeler Insurance, Travel Insurance as well as Home Insurance.

Compare Financial Services in Pakistan

Along with Insurance Products, PolicySasti also lets you compare Personal Loans and Home Loans since we have tie-ups with most of the Financial Institution in Pakistan. 

We strongly suggest that you compare insurance plans and loan products on PolicySasti before choosing any particular plan. Every time you see our analysis and compare insurance plans on the basis of price, services, duration, etc you get a better understanding of what is being offered and which of the offers are most suitable for you.

PolicySasti brings to its customers unbiased comparison of financial services from all major insurance companies. Our focus on providing online systems and integrations help you directly link to insurance companies; which in turn results in large amounts of saving while taking an insurance plan. We are the one of the largest insurance destination in the country and our proficiency in financial services helps our customers make balanced and beneficial financial decisions.