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Your Personal Accident Insurance

Every day we are exposed to risks that threaten our well-being and compromise our personal and workplace skills. To address these risks we must have a good personal accident insurance to cover the various costs and requirements arising from this anomaly. 

Safety Because we all need to be well covered for any type of accident . This insurance is valid for individuals and groups . 
Our Personal Accident Insurance are composed of a number of services divided into basic cover and a set of optional guarantees of free choice.

Basic Coverage of Personal Accident Insurance

Optional Warranties


Heart-pounding journey

Travel assistance insurance personal accident

If we add to the usual risks the distance factor , have certain coverage and guarantees, will make your trip a much safer activity. Policy sasti covers the following services (Some Companies offer them with cheap rates):

Cheap Travel Insurance in Pakistan

From Rs2900 you can choose the amount to ensure modules of the same amount.

Cheap Healthcare Insurance

Knowing that you have your health in good hands and is, in itself, healthy for everyone. Therefore, it santalucia offers healthcare in your Personal accident insurance:

Home care in the event of detention after a hospital stay.

Policysasti.com Thanks to our specialists and means you may need to resolve all these issues that are unknown to the citizen, as a claim for damages, , tax issues, documentation, among other advantages.

And it may contract

Because there are things you need to keep under control .